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Dehydrated Tuna Bloodline Chips

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Dehydrated Tuna Bloodline Chips
Dehydrated "sushi grade" tuna bloodline pieces in a variety of stripped-sizes (each bag is approx. 4 oz; pieces average 2" wide, 5" long, 1/8" thick). These dehydrated tuna crisps are produced from a part of this fish known as the "bloodline". We source the tuna from a high-end, small-scale processor in Oregon and are line-caught off of the Oregon Coast. These premium, single-ingredient dehydrated tuna crisps support your pet’s species-appropriate diet needs while offering an easy-to-feed training treat!

Some fish contain a dark blood-rich muscle running down the center of the fillet called the “bloodline” (which actually contains no blood). It is a nutrient-rich muscle that contains high amounts of myoglobin, a blood pigment. They are perfectly good to eat, but have a strong fish flavor (that our dogs love!) and are therefore not usually consumed by humans. 

Low in calories but packed with nutritional benefits, tuna is a powerhouse of essential nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids – full of good fat and protein. Myoglobin is a unique form of moisture with trace amounts of protein/amino acids, minerals, antioxidants, blood cells, and other nutrients. It is a source of taurine; a protein and antioxidant essential for cats & dogs. 

Tuna is usually older when they are harvested so it typically has higher levels of mercury than other fish. This tuna was harvested off of the Oregon Coast which has been found to be “mercury safe”. In an Oregon State University study, sponsored by the Oregon Albacore Commission and the Western Fishboat Owners Association, researchers found tuna caught in waters from Southern California to British Columbia to be mercury safe at 0.14 parts per million, well below the limit of 1.00 part per million set by the Food and Drug Administration.