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The Following Links Will Help You Access Helpful Information on Feeding Raw, Natural Food to Your Pet...

  • www.purebredsplus.org - Cat rescue located in Northern CA. Feeding our products to rehabilitate rescued cats and kittens.
  • www.catinfo.org - Dr Pierson's web page on feeding cats a better and species appropriate diet!
  • Switching To Raw is a book by Susan Johnson. Good information. Avilable on Amazon.com
  • Raw Meaty Bones is another book we've in which we've found excellent information. Our favorite book.
  • Here is a great web page for cat owners and feeding raw...www.catnutrition.org
  • And for a good page on making cat food..www.catfood.catnutrition.org/foodmaking.html
  • B-Naturals.com Holistic products for dogs and cats. Lew Olson is a wealth of knowledge about nutritions and our pets. You might also want to check out her book "Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs" which can be ordered from most any online bookstore as well as the b-naturals web page

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